Taking action

Redistribute your stimulus check

If you received a stimulus check that you don’t actually need, redistributing those resources, and others if you can, is one of the easier and more immediate things people can do.

  • Do a search for mutual aid hubs in your community
  • Find the community-based organizations in your area serving those who did not receive checks yet who are unemployed and/or front line workers
  • If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) makes it easy:

The SURJ Bay Area Racial Justice Emergency Relief Fund is raising funds to support the front line work of local organizations providing immediate aid to our most vulnerable communities while continuing to fight for the structural change that can transform our society into one that is more just and equitable.  

COVID-19 is a crisis but it is also opening doors to new ways of organizing and policies we could only dream of a month ago.

100% of all donations to the Racial Justice Emergency Relief Fund will be passed on to local organizations and are tax deductible.