Learning about change

A living curriculum

Over the last handful of years, I’ve been developing my own workshops and study groups. When we use the lessons of those who come before us, when we learn from the world around us and our own experience, when we decide for ourselves who we think is leading the way and pay attention to them, we create a living curriculum, and lay foundations on which institutions of the future can be built.

The way I see it right now, the learning goals for this living curriculum are to:

  • Understand the challenges we face in constructive ways
  • Identify strategic and meaningful roles in the work we see ahead
  • Let go of old ways and beliefs to make room for clearer visions of the future
  • Be powerful by seeking new ways of being in the world*
  • Learn how to act in our own interests without undermining the ability of others to do so

* Many people are feeling called to “be the change” they wants to see in the world, but it isn’t easy to “be” something one doesn’t have practice at, or to do so in a world that isn’t set up for that way of being. Audre Lorde talked about power as the ability to seek new ways of being in the world. By seeking those new ways of being in the world, we participate in new forms of power that can be used to protect and nurture our families and communities, each other, and the world we share.