We Tip the Balance

Your study group gave me a deep and empowering learning experience that not only supported me on my journey toward conscious activism but set me on a path of lifelong passionate engagement.

Judy Springsteen, study group participant

The way I see it, we sit on the very outer edge of one era, and on the brink of another. ​What this new chapter in the history book of our planet will be is yet to be ​determined. ​If we’re to build a world we would want to live in together in this new terrain, ​we’ll need to be learning together about change itself and applying that learning to ourselves and in our communities.

Without learning, knowing will always succumb to its blind spots.

We Tip the Balance offers an integrated approach to social change for recognizing, accepting and breaking through personal, interpersonal and cultural barriers to a shared future in a world we want to live in with each other.

Together we learn how to check our beliefs, ​​​become ever-more critical thinkers, build our emotional capacity and orient toward action. ​In the process, we acquire an embodied practice in the process of change and the politics of becoming.​​ This is a way to become aware of our own stories and the stories of others. From them, we can distill a vision ​to negotiate with each other toward. We can learn from each other what it will require.

More about We Tip the Balance is available here.