ESL/ESOL, literacy and high school equivalency for adults

Right now, this is my paid work. The programs I work for are some of the best kept secrets of the public education system. Public education is commonly understood to provide “K-12” schools. But virtually every school district also has programs for students who are younger than kindergarten age or over 18 years old, and therefore are not “K-12” students.

I’ve actually done quite a bit of work with younger children also, but that’s not where my formal training lies, and it’s been a long time. However, I am credentialed in the State of California as an adult educator. I’ve done this work for over 15 years, also with young adults, in the public education system, and I love my job.

It’s unclear if it will be safe enough to go back into the classroom in fall. An even bigger unknown is what our educational institutions may come to look like in a world where pandemics of this scale are possible and public gathering spaces are such potential risks to public health.

An even bigger unknown is the future of work. Will the economy emerge from this moment with ever-more disregard for the natural world in which we live? Will the economy become even more extractive, exclusionary and violent toward black people and other people of color, women, the poor, the formerly incarcerated, the gender non-conforming, the disabled, the immigrant and refugee, those without housing and our other marginalized and excluded communities?

There is a battle on for what our culture determines is of value, and how our society is going to be organized to produce that value. How these questions get answered will transform what we do for work and how we prepare to fill those roles well and responsibly.

If access to basic and secondary education was important before, it’s going to be all the more important now. And we also need all hands on deck. This is for:

  • Adults who weren’t able to get a basic education when they were of school age
  • Adults who didn’t finish high school and would like to acquire a high school equivalency diploma
  • Adults for whom English is not a first language

I may not be the best person to work with you directly, but I may be able to help identify productive next steps based on where you’re at in your learning now, your goals, and options in your area or online.

If you’re part of a community of adults who might be able to study together, perhaps I could help connect you with a school or organization that could provide those learning opportunities. Or perhaps we could find funding so that I or others could work with you.

If you’re interested in exploring these ideas further, contact me for a free consultation .