Free consultation

Are you an adult with educational goals you’re not sure how to pursue? Do you have a young person in your life with educational goals you’re supporting? Are you a part of a community that would benefit from access to basic or adult secondary education?

One of my favorite things to do is to support people in pursuing educational goals, so I want to make that available here. It’s like a free consultation with an educator. For young people still in school, we identify specific barriers and search out effective, efficient, affordable solutions. For adults (and young people not still in school), we identify where you’re at and brainstorm what next steps might fit within the constraints of all the other commitments of your everyday life and educational resources during this current time of crisis.

I do also provide tutoring and teaching, but really only if it’s a good fit for everyone, and often for only limited periods of time. Working with me will rarely be the best long-term, or most inexpensive, solution.

For youth and young adults, sometimes we can find ways to speak with a teacher or someone else at school who can advocate or problem solve. Longer-term solutions may include your public library in some way or participating in reading programs. Alternative public schools, local organizations or community colleges may also be able to help. (Maybe these give you ideas already?)

If you’re interested in a free consultation for yourself or a young person in your life, contact me at info at michlevy dot com with Consultation in the subject line.