When we know the time is now

A lush tree growing up and out from the narrow space between two buildings.

Does the idea of a “new normal” on the other side of national and international uprisings demanding justice for all our people, on top of this novel virus pandemic and all the other crises we simultaneously face, give you a bit of a sick feeling at the pit of your stomach because you understand somehow that “normal” is how we got here? Does it feel as though something is terribly wrong but too big to actually address in a meaningful way? Like the powers that be are deciding who and what is disposable in a wave of unnecessary suffering and loss too big to really wrap your head and heart around? Like you’re sure it’s going to change your life as well, but you don’t know what to do?

While we each need to find these answers for ourselves, this is work that is much more productively done together.

In this half-day online “crash course” (with breaks), we will work together on our own strategic plans. This means that together we will have a chance to identify and articulate our own beliefs about the world, how we think it actually works, how we want it to work, what it will take, and how we can contribute to making those changes in practical ways.