Workshop: Visioning beyond belief

A picture of me explaining to workshop participants how to use the tool developed for this workshop.

Communicating about massive changes in our society and world, and building more democratic union with others, requires visioning together beyond our individual, constructed, sometimes outdated and/or perhaps changing beliefs. How are the beliefs of others different than mine, and why? Do my actions makes sense based on what I say I believe? If not, why am I compelled to act against my own beliefs?

In this workshop, we explore beliefs about our world, how those beliefs shape our visions, and how our visions, in the ways they are built on old belief systems, may actually divide us from others rather than unite us with them.

What can we learn about all the ways we, as conscious beings, are also unconscious and unknowing? This workshop is a way to explore an emerging territory of our individual and collective development and change itself.

If you are interested in attending this workshop online, email me at info at michlevy dot com with Visioning in the subject line.