Community Safety

I have been active in movements to overcome exclusion and violence — from domestic violence and violence against women to racism, colonialism, imperialism and war — since the first U.S. invasion of Iraq, and all of my adult life.

As black people, people of color, people with non-normative genders and the poor are further; as awareness of police violence is brought into public discourse; as disenfranchisement, dislocation and houselessness breed division and crime in our neighborhoods, the most marginalized in cities across the country are leading the way in new ways of pursuing community safety.

I created a framework for this work through a self-designed bachelor’s degree in personal, social and systems change.  The first significant expression of my work in the world was a response to the rape and murder of a woman in my community – and to my own experiences with intimate violence. In 1993, I helped co-found the community-based self-defense project Home Alive.

In graduate school, this them was further explored through a thesis in which I .

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Transformative Justice

Relationships to crime, disenfranchisement, entitlement, safety, policing.